life or death

life or die
Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay

Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay

life or death

Makakatipid Ka Ng Gastusin, Una:

Maiiwasan mo ang malaking problema.

Malibre ka sa hinihingi ng paunang bayad ng Ospital.

Malibre ka sa pagbili ng gamot na napakamahal.

Hindi ka na magbabayad sa pribadong nars.

Libre ka sa Health Card na Binabayaran mo sa Kompanya. Panghihinayang dahil hindi hinulugan ng kumpanya ang iyong health card.

Makaiwas ka sa pag upa ng kuwarto para sa pasyente na napakamahal.

Libre ang iyong pagtigil at pagpunta sa ospital.

Samantalang ang bawat kilos mo ang gobyerno ay nakikinabang:

Ang ating gobyerno ay may dagdag na 12% porsyento na VAT sa bawat mga bagay ng ating pangangailangan.

life or death


Kung ganito ang buhay nanaisin mo pa ba na maligtas ang BUHAY?

Sa Ospital:
Asian Hospital and Medical Center
They accept the patient, after initial treatment they advise us that the patient should stay at ICU.
life or die Asian HospitalHOSPITAL BILL
life or die Asian Hospital and Medical Center
Then they ask 100K Deposit, we were shock, so we dicided to transfer to affordable hospital. We spend nearly PHP20,000.00 from 11AM till 6PM.

After following hospital protocol.

Lumipat kami sa;

Taytay Doktor Multi-specialist Hospital
We stayed in Taytay Doktor Multi-specialist Hospital for nearly two weeks. Our hospital bill reaches PHP102,000.00.
Taytay Doctors Hospital Bill
On October 26, 2018 3:45AM We lost her, MY LOVE NENNETTE DIED.

Funeral Services Contract:
Funeral Contract
The funeral parlor services cost us PHP20,000,00 + PHP2,000.00 (lapida)

life or death

life or die Chapel Services
Mortuary Rates;
life or die Chapel full Payments
Ordinary Room: PHP3,000.00 + PHP100.00per day for electricity.
We used ordinary room for 8 days. With 20% discount for senior citizen.
life or die Chapel partial payments
The shocking part of their receipt, DONATION is mention at the bottom of their receipt;
That Read:
“THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION, GOD BLESS YOU” kumita na “nakaloko pa”
life or die church mass
Air-conditioned Room: PHP4,500.00
Dahil sa aking kapalaran MAY KUMITA at NAWALAN…Mahirap man isipin ito ang kalakaran sa bayang Pilipinas. Sa aking mga naiwang MAHAL SA BUHAY “SALAMAT,” natapos ko na ang masalimoot na buhay sa mundong ibabaw. Goodbye!!! I am
Sa mga tumulong ng financial nais ko po silang pasalamatan: Sa pamamagitan ng aking mahal na pamilya.
1. Jun Duenas- PHP1,000.00
2. Ang Dating Daan (ADD)-PHP3,000.00
3.Buloboy- PHP-2,000.00
4. Joel Padilla- PHP400.00
5. Maybel-PHP200.00
6. Joemer-PHP100.00
7. Alice Magtangod PHP200.00
8. Titing- PHP1,000.00
9. Emma-PHP500.00
10. Mila Bercades-PHP3,000.00
11. Cita and Family- PHP2,000.00
12. Yeye and Dennis- PHP2,000.00
13. Manang Marcing- PHP500.00
14. Bobo- PHP200.00
15. Ruben Pisado- PHP1,000.00
16. Terry-PHP1,000.00
Through Eric
17. Verdec co workers PHP8000.00 and
to others who give supports, but isn’t listed above!


Love is the most powerful currency

February the month everyone pays attention to love and expresses love to the people he or she loves. In retail stores, luxurious plush animals, chocolate-covered food or rose bouquets, visible red or pink hearts can’t escape thinking. Are they on display in every corner? It thrills us to express our love to the people we love. But since large advertising campaigns encourage buying hearts, flowers or chocolates for special people, love not once a year.


According to Webster, money is a manual exchange. Passing something from one hand to the other involves the flow of energy exchange. Love and express any love are an energy flow, just as any currency exchange involves energy flow. We are the sum of our actions. No matter what you say, your behavior (action/energy) speaks the most and explains what you are. Love not something you give, it’s your way of life. Only two kinds of emotional excitement in this world: the basis of love and the foundation based on fear. The vibration of fear is a negative energy pathway and always produces negative results. Love is a positive energy pathway that produces positive results.

Understand others, sympathy and respect will raise you to the highest vibration of love. They find humility, strength, and courage in the flow of high vibrations. There are many other ways of expressing love: any positive thing can help others and produce positive results. Even good health requires love to heal. Because physical conditions are the first to begin as a negative barrier to emotion, or spirit. Do you love yourself, who are you now? This is where you must start because you can’t love others without first loving yourself. You can’t give something you don’t have! Change something on yourself, but you must first accept. Once you’re done, you can transform.

Everyone wants to have love in life even if they don’t say it. In fact, love is one need of our lives: love and be loved… without it, we cannot survive. The world often out of fear and cannot see love. Fear manifests as anger, pain, pain, jealousy, revenge, revenge, judgment, etc. But, love expressed as acceptance, appreciation, compassion, humility, understanding, feelings, etc. What do you want in your life? If you show respect, you will have love!

Can you BUY LOVE?

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